Rapid Perception Trainer

The goal of this eye trainer is to help train the eye-brain connection to rapidly recognize text.

How to start

First, download and extract the content of the ZIP file.

If you are running Windows just double click the executable JAR file to start the program or type: java -jar <filename>.jar

How to use

Pressing the space bar starts and stops the training sequence, which blinks in even intervals to get the brain accustomed to the speed. It will present colored marks with growing intensity with each blinking (green, orange, red) before the actual text is displayed. The text itself is displayed for only a few milliseconds and then removed again before a new training sequence starts. The users task is to recognize the displayed text.

Below the main area there are three settings to customize the training sequence. The first setting Text length adjusts the length of the displayed text (1 - short to 4 - long). The Text flash duration changes the duration the text is displayed (20 ms to 300 ms). With the Interval duration setting the length of the evenly blinking intervals can be adjusted (500 ms to 3,000 ms).

Source code

The program was created with Java using JavaFX. You can find its source code as well as additional information on how to build it on GitHub.